Alberta Reined Cow Horse Association Stallion Auction
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Glaze Photography-photos by Barb Glazer

Bidding Begins on Thursday, December 15, 2022
Ends on Wednesday, February 1, 2023, 9:00:00 PM MST SHARP!

Ends in less than 46 Hours from NOW! Get those bids in!
PLEASE REMEMBER: The winning bidder for each breeding must submit a check made out to ARCHA Stallion Service Auction or pay by credit card within 24 hours of auction closure.


  • The winning bidder fully understands and agrees to deal with the stallion owner or manager on all matters related to breeding his/her mare.
  • The Alberta Reined Cow Horse Association will not mediate between parties if issues arise and will be held harmless in such matters.
  • Winning bidder fully understands all fees outside of the stud fee, including but not limited to chute fees, shipping fees, mare care, veterinarian care and more ARE NOT included in the winning bid and will be paid to the stallion management/owner and these prices vary by stallion.  The other fees vary in price and currency by stallion.
  • The stallion services purchased through the Alberta Reined Cow Horse Stallion Auction are intended for the upcoming breeding season only.
  • The breeding is NON TRANSFERABLE unless approved by stallion owner.
  • Breeding terms and stallion availability are as specified by the stallion owner’s breeding contract.
  • Payment from the winning bidder or the purchaser is due within 24 hours. A credit card can be used for payment or as a guarantee until a check is received. Payment is required before bidder name will be released to stallion management as the official winner of the stud fee. NO EXCEPTIONS.
  • All bids for the stallion service alone on this site are quoted and payable in Canadian dollars.
  • GST on stallion fees will be charged to Canadian purchasers.
  • All stallions will have a minimum bid unless otherwise stated by stallion owner.
  • Payment can be made payable to ARCHA and checks mailed to
      Alberta Reined Cow Horse Association
      250 200 Quarry Park Blvd SE
      Calgary AB T2C 5E3
      Randi McCook, Auction Director
      403-913-5058 (phone)
    or contact the ARCHA office for credit card payment:
      403-913-5058 (phone)

    By registering to bid you are agreeing that you have read and understand these conditions.
    The Alberta Reined Cow Horse Association reserves right to deny stallion auction eligibility at any time.

Alberta Reined Cow Horse Association - Stallion Auction
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